Koenig Stainless Inc.: The Manufacturing Process


Engineering Department

Our Engineering Department is assigned the important responsibility of screening new inquiries submitted for proposal. This process consists of determining the engineering and manufacturing feasibility of the job with respect to current specifications, drawings, physical and technical facilities. All special processes are investigated to determine the availability of quality resources to arrive at a fair market price, while making quality our number one commitment.


Drafting Department

After our proposals are accepted and drawings are approved for construction, the Drafting Department takes over. The Drafting Department prepares shop drawings based on the customer specifications and needs. Using the latest in technological advances, the Drafting Department is able to obtain the highest degrees of accuracy. Also, by working in tandem with those involved in the fabrication process, and remaining in close contact with the customer as well, they ensure the smoothest possible transition from design to construction.


Manufacturing Department

Our Manufacturing Department approaches each custom manufacturing project in 4 steps:




Typically the first step in any of our custom metal manufacturing, we use the latest technologically advanced equipment to accomplish this task. Our shear is capable of handling metal plate up to ¼” thick X 12 Foot long.

We currently have, in our manufacturing area, two separate computer controlled punching systems as well as a plasma cutter. Our primary punching system can easily handle materials up to 10 GA in thickness while maintaining a 0.003" tolerance. Our secondary punching system easily handles materials up to ½“ thick while maintaining a 0.005" tolerance. Our Plasma cutter also easily handles materials up to ½” in thickness.

Utilizing the latest technologically advanced equipment, our forming capacity is up to 12 feet at 175 tons.

In our assembly area, we are equipped with 10 separate welding stations wherein each welder is qualified as to current rating standards. After assembly the product is then sent to one of our 5 polishing and grinding stations to be prepared either for appropriate coating or final inspection and shipping.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Department is the most important aspect of the manufacturing process. The Quality Control Department is responsible for insuring accuracy in all phases of every job. From proposal to delivery, Quality Control meticulously checks for and eliminates any possible errors thereby guaranteeing the best product possible for our customers.


What does this mean for you?

At KSI we are committed to bringing our customers the finest product possible. We realize that to do less would be a disservice, not only to them, but to ourselves.

We are proud of the work that we do, and the reputation that we have developed.

While KSI can be described as a high-growth, forward moving organization, our goal remains steadfast:




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