Leadership Team



Calvin Koenig, Founder


Calvin got his start in this industry working as a laborer. Familiar with hard work, he learned all he could in an effort to improve the quality of his work. Throughout his career, he gained tremendous insight into virtually every aspect of metal manufacturing. Calvin used that knowledge to advance in every company he has been affiliated with. A visionary in his own right, Calvin saw a need for a manufacturing company that would become an asset, not only to him and his family, but also to his customers. With over 35 years of expertise under his belt, Calvin launched KSI. Although Calvin has passed, his vision and unfailing ideals remain the backbone of KSI. Following the example he left, our employees are motivated to excel in delivering a product infused with pride and quality.




Edna Koenig, Co-Founder

If Calvin was the backbone of KSI, then Edna is the heart of it. Having worked side by side with Calvin from the very beginning, Edna took over the reigns as president and continued the tradition of quality that KSI is known for. Bringing with her a determination to accomplish and succeed in all areas of her life, Edna demands excellence from herself and every employee of KSI. Her oversight, compassion, and genuine concern for others, is what helps to make KSI more than just a company. She makes KSI a family, constantly reminding us of why we are here: To provide the best possible product to our customers.


Paul Koenig, Owner/President

Paul attended Pearl River Community College before transferring to USM where he majored in accounting. He spent six years in the MS Army National Guard, 13 months in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm.

After completing his military tour Paul came to KSI fulltime.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Paul started out as a laborer, and worked his way through all phases of the manufacturing process and into the front office where he now takes the lead in working hand in hand with our customers. Making sure that every item we produce meets their precise needs.